Medha's Internship Story

ROLE: Product Supply (Supply Chain) Internship

UNIVERSITY: University of New South Wales

PROGRAM: Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & International Business)


My name is Medha and am currently an Intern within the Product Supply (Supply Chain) function at Procter & Gamble. I’ve been working in this role since Dec 2016 and have been offered a graduate role to commence in 2018 after completion of my studies.

What’s your current role at P&G? 

After the 3-month full time Summer Internship, I was offered a part time continuation of my internship through the remainder of my studies. My current role is project-based, where I am working on a number of process improvement initiatives across the Planning and Physical Distribution areas of our business.

Can you tell me about your internship project?

My internship project started with my direct manager and function leader challenging me to spend 2 weeks learning about the P&G supply chain in Australia and coming back to them with the opportunity areas where I'd identified I could make an improvement to the way things are done today. From there, we chose one of these opportunities for me to focus on for the duration of my internship.

The area on which I ultimately worked was the local customisation function, which is responsible for packaging the finished goods P&G produces overseas to meet local regulations and retailer requirements. Overall I was able to identify significant cost reductions through simplification of the existing portfolio as well as create an implementation and execution plan to be seen through by the customisation team.

What has the Internship experience been like for you? 

I am thoroughly enjoying my Internship experience with P&G. I am continuing to be challenged every day in my work and have been able to learn and develop along the way. I most definitely felt a part of the business from day one, connecting with leaders across all functions to understand the brands and operating strategies. I was also given the opportunity to present my findings to the Australia & New Zealand leadership team and through this my work has been incorporated into a larger project taking place across the Asia Pacific region.

My internship experience has allowed me to authentically experience working at P&G before deciding about where to start my career. I could connect with my colleagues and see potential career progression. It became evident that this was an organisation in which I would have the ability and scope to reach my potential.

What has your University experience been like?

When I left school I wasn’t sure what exactly what career path I want to take so I initially elected to undertake a double degree of Law and Business at UTS. During this time I had the opportunity to partake in an international business subject that worked through a case study on the global supply chain for IKEA. This captured my interest as I could see that supply chain management was a complex and dynamic field that brought together various capabilities.

Having decided to pursue a career in supply chain management, I made the decision to focus on business alone in order to develop the most relevant skills for product supply. Additionally, I transferred to UNSW to leverage their many business-focused extracurricular groups and also decided to study part-time for a year whilst working full-time in supply chain to hone my business acumen.

What did you consider when thinking about where you’d like to work?

Once I had established supply chain management as the field in which I wanted to work, I began to research potential careers paths and companies to which I could apply. I was quickly drawn to the idea of working for a global FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company due to the complexity of their supply chains as well as the fast-paced nature of the work. I also found that P&G has been consistently highly ranked for its supply chain practices and leadership in this area globally. I was also looking for a fast start to my career and the fact that P&G offered a graduate program which placed you directly in a role rather than having to do a few years of rotations really grabbed my attention.

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